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Custom Orthotics Encino

Published on October 18, 2019

Custom orthotics are a popular, helpful tool for many people who struggle with various issues in their foot structure. While over-the-counter shoe inserts and arch supports can be useful for some, these are not specifically designed to match your exact foot or provide the support issues unique to you. There are some conditions that these generalized over-the counter inserts and supports are more helpful for than others. Custom orthotics are made using a custom mold of your foot with plaster. Custom orthotics can help the foot function improve when there is tendonitis, fasciitis, and can help reduce pain in those with bursitis, calluses or ulcers.

Custom orthotics can help ease pain and provide support, delaying the need for any surgical treatments that are needed; they can also help to support a foot that has recently been surgically corrected.

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