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Read Some of our Patients’ Thank you notes

What a Fantastic Experience! – Excellent!

I am so thrilled to have found a wonderful Dr. who truly loves her work and is kind and generous with her time and care. From the moment you walk into Dr. Buratti;s office it is red carpet treatment. Her office is beautiful and comfortable, her staff members are kind and attentive and Dr. Buratti is upbeat, friendly and truly doing what she loves, giving top notch care to her patients. My feet have never been so happy. It may sound corny (no pun intended) but my feet and I are very happy!

Diana W.

A little note to say thank you for the work you did on me for fixing the plantar fasciitis. Your professionalism and knowledge of what to do saved the day! No pain. Thanks again,

Mike F.

Dear Dr. Buratti , I had visited with you on November 4th for an appointment. I wanted to share with you and your staff that the patient experience at your clinic was excellent. Your aptitude for communication is well noted, and the attention to detail, alongside providing insightful information for each issue discussed exceeded expectations. Thank you again for the valuable patient experience. Best Regards,

Amit K.

Dear Dr. Buratti & Staff, Thank you all so much for the wonderful care. Dr. Buratti you are so helpful and knowledgeable and put my mind at ease during my procedure. Your staff is also very sweet and supportive. Thank you again for all you help.

Amy. G.

Dr. Dawn, Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. My daughter and I appreciate, Love,

Ofelia & Rivlea

Dear Dr. Buratti and Staff, Thank you so much for all your help this past year. I especially appreciate you making time to see me and making me feel comfortable during my procedures. Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season. Be well,

Sam G.

Dear Dr. Buratti , I wanted to thank you for your wonderful care, compassion and medical service to my mother. Also I very much appreciate all your patience with my questions and the extra care you gave me on my last visit with my mom. Your kindness through the years with my mom are over and beyond the regular doctor type care that she has received from any doctor. Blessings and Abundances,

Gabriela T.

Dr.Buratti and team, Thank you for taking such care of my family. Your time, attention and professionalism does not go unnoticed. All our Best,

The Eisner’s

Dawn, There are no words to express how appreciated I am of your talent, support, commitment of this difficult process of healing with me.


My mom and I wanted to thank you so much for being so kind and caring!! There are few people like you that take their profession with so much passion and love… God bless you for sharing that to your patients and all the people that come in contact. Enjoy your week as you relax and contemplate God’s Beauty!

Love, Maria A. and Mariana

Dear Dr. Dawn, I do not know how I can ever thank you for my foot surgery last Sunday. I have not felt any pain since and am so grateful to you to take your time on a family day to take care of me. Wow! You are some caring person!

Dorrie W.

Dear Dr. Dawn, I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with me. Your willingness to explain the different treatment options was very much appreciated. I am following your recommendations. Again, you went above and beyond… Thank you!

Nancy Z.

Dear Dr. Dawn, I would like to take this moment to thank you for all your kindness, sincere and attentive care towards me. Thank you very much. Happy Thanksgiving

Richard P.

Dear Dr. Buratti, Just wanted to let you know how much your thoughtfulness means to us. You are the best, kindness doctor I have ever known. Your caring is beyond belief.

Love, Darlene N.

Thanks for all of your help and excellent care, Dr. Dawn!!

From: Darin and Kim


Read some of our online reviews

Dr Dawn has been my foot expert for a very long time. I entrust the care of my feet to no one else and I refer her to friends and family because she cares. I had a very painful callus on a toe that caused me much discomfort on a daily basis. I need to dress for my work which means wearing heels. Dr Dawn came up w/ a solution for me which was a filler injection eliminating the pain almost instantly. Imagine–a filler. leave it to Dr Dawn to come up w/ such an innovative solution.


Dr. Buratti diagnosed a tailor’s bunion and worked with me, trying different options ie cortisone shots, as I wanted surgery to be the last resort. Eventually I opted for surgery and am very happy I did. No more pain in my foot!


Dr. Buratti has been treating the big toe on my right foot for about six months. She has taken excellent care of me and as a result I am able to function much better. I highly recommend Dr. Buratti. Thank you Dr. Buratti for taking care of me and my right big toe.


I suffered for years with severe multiple ingrown nails , always resulting in infections and pain when walking. So after reading so many outstanding reviews , and knowing two former patient’s , I made the appointment because it was finally time to do something. Dr. Buratti saw how much pain I was in , and how far the infection had spread . Dr. Buratti then explained all my treatment options and once I had decided , she began treatment immediately. Their staff is friendly and efficient…Their medical office and examination rooms are new and totally spotless…I’m so lucky to have found this gifted professional with such a nice chair-side manner. Doctor Dawn cured forty years of pain , in two out-patient visits… Thank you so much.

Kyre C.

I am a 69 year old male having undergone surgery to repair a bunion, 3 years ago. That surgery, performed by a Beverly Hills Podiatrist, was a failure, still leaving me with a Hallux Valgus. Over the past 3 years I consulted with 2 orthopedic surgeons and another podiatrist all of whom agreed that they could repair my foot but only offered radical surgery choices which included fusion of my big toe and shortening of the next 3 toes. Already gun-shy, I was reluctant to undergo such extreme surgery. On an off chance, a doctor friend of mine suggested I see Dr. Dawn Buratti for another opinion. Dr Buratti spent at least an hour explaining, in great detail, the physics of my foot as well as how she could repair the problem by tethering the first metatarsal to the second metatarsal using the FastForward procedure which she and a colleague had patented and for which they had received FDA approval. I was most impressed by Dr Buratti’s comprehensive explanation, patience in answering all my questions as well as the FastForward procedure she suggested. It was so much less radical, avoiding fusion and breaking of bones. I visited Dr Buratti on two more occasions over the next few months to really assure myself that I wanted to undergo this relatively new procedure. She never once waivered from her thorough and patient demeanor, always answering my questions, giving me the confidence to go forward. It is now 5 months since I underwent the surgery which has turned out precisely as Dr. Buratti had predicted. I have a straight big toe now, I fit my shoes and walk without any pain or discomfort. Wow am I glad to have met Dr Buratti.

John A.

Dr. Buratti is compassionate, professional, and extremely informative on the details of my father’s procedure. Her willingness to explain the process of the procedure, prior to surgery and after, helped to ease my father’s pre-operative “jitters”. In addition, her calming and empathetic personality was comforting to me. Immediately after the surgery she came to the waiting room to debrief me. The procedure was a complete success. I would recommend Dr. Buratti for any Podiatric procedure. I also see her for my own Podiatric needs.

Christopher H.

I can not say enough about Dr. Buratti and her office staff. They are the most efficient, helpful, kind, caring office. Dr. Buratti is an excellent doctor and surgeon. Dr. Buratti did everything possible to get rid of my foot/heel pain. She spent so much time with me in her office. I never felt like i was rushed or hurried. She puts more than 100% of herself into her patients and it works. I am finally without pain in either foot and i owe it to Dr. Buratti. I even sent my son and husband to her office for issues they had and they were treated excatly the same. Dr. Buratti did double foot surgery on my son and did an excellent job. He is currently back to his normal…running! I want to personally thank Dr. Buratti and her wonderful staff and office for being there for my family thru all our feet issues. Thank you so much!

Susan R.

She is beyond a doubt the most careing and up to date podiatrist. She fixed my husbands leg when other Doctors said it couldn’t be done. He hept the leg for 3 more years. She is always concerned about your health and with that smile it help cure all.

Dawn C.

I have been a patient of Dr B. for almost 5 years,… she is an inspiration, very dedicated,caring, extremely informative about care and procedures, professional and friendly,… Lets not forget about her wonderful attentive and friendly staff, thank you Sara, Carmen, Claudia,..Without hesitation I would recommend Dr Buratti to anyone who needs the right care.

Louise P.

Dr Buratti FIXED my feet. At 60 yrs, walking the golf course and hiking became difficult with serious bunions on both feet. She patiently answered my questions/concerns and consultations with other orthopedic surgeons. I am now 7 weeks post surgery, walking in tennis shoes with orthotics, still recovering with slight puffiness if i stand too long, but i HAVE NEW FEET! Absolutely no reservations to recommend her – and her staff is great, too!

Cary S.

Great Doctor! Wonderful staff! Beautiful office facilities! Dr. Buratti really cares about you, she will go out of her way to help you out. She takes her time, and she makes you feel comfortable! She is the best out there!!!

Cody K.

Wow! What a great doctor!! I came to Dr. Buratti because my foot was hurting, and she precisely diagnosed the problem, and was right on in recommending orthotics, which not only solved the issue, but actually made it quite enjoyable for me to take walks again without any pain. The office staff was wonderful, helpful and caring, and it’s all a reflection of the Doctor who obviously truly cares, and spends a lot time with you to really find out all the details, and get to the real issue , and help you out! This is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with ANY doctor, truly a five star rating! I wish I could have given her 6 stars!!!!!! THANK YOU!

Mellisa H.

Exceptional diagnostics and care. Highly recommended.

Pamela S.

Dr. Buratti is amazing!! While on vacation I accidentally stepped on a sea urchin and got about 18 spikes stuck in my heel. When I got home, I went in to see Dr. Buratti and she was wonderful. She sat me down and explained exactly what she was going to do. Dr. Buratti was extremely gentle, took her time and made sure I was comfortable while she was removing all the spikes. I cannot say enough great things about her and her staff. Thank you so much, Dr. Buratti!!

Melissa B.

Dr. Buratti treated a complicated leg condition. She is not only knowledgeable, she is also caring and comprehensive. Dr. Buratti takes into consideration all options and explains everything thoroughly. Prior to Dr. Buratti, I went to three other doctors, none of whom were able to put it all together and treat the condition.

Richard F.

She is the best!!! She spends the time to fully explain the situation and present solutions with all the latest procedures, she is very thorough. Best of all she has a passion in what she is doing and a very caring person.